Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Everyday is Like Vaca'

Yes, I wear heels to the beach (sometimes). I don't want to look (uhhh) short. But that's besides the point -- this blog is celebratory. I spotted the first Jesus sandals of the season. Happy summer!

Dianna and I christened the onslaught of beach boys and pina coladas by hanging down in Belmar during Memorial Day Weekend. We browned on the beach (ahem, the designated surfers' section), lunched outside D'jais (shrimp cocktails, burgers, and sweet potato fries present), and partied at Bar A (well sort of -- more like made fun of tacky girls in outdated jeans and creepy boys in stupid logo tees).

We befriended some lifeguards (score! ...or so we thought), shared after-hours chicken tenders with some random loner, ran into friends of old (a la new hairstyles), and flagged down an ice cream truck. When it was all said and done, we realized, this was nothing different than the usual at all. Everyday we're not in the office or classroom is like a fun-filled outing.

The only thing that changed is we can finally dress cute (not to mention, weather-appropriate) sans jackets and scarves (unless the ensemble calls for it). I wonder how the summer of '07 will unfold. Let the games begin.

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