Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mousetraps, Freebies, and Weight Loss

WOW -- those three terms have got to be the best possible subject headlines for e-mail blasters to use. (Sorry, just thinking aloud as my Beauty & Style newsletter is launching next week and I need to brainstorm how to entice the average Web surfer.) Anyway ...

Finally, I can wear boots when it's not even that cold and no one will judge me ... Or, maybe they are, and I finally just don't give a hoot-nanny. Sorry I've been a little blog-dry, all. I've been tending to The Fashionator.

Fret not, as I will never neglect The Shoe Blog. Anyway, I've been working in Manhattan for a little over a month now. And so far, so grand -- I love it. I love the job (despite the fact that I've been getting up at 5 a.m. and getting home at 8:30 p.m.). I loathe public transportation, yes, but I love not having to drive in traffic.

So here's a list of other things I've encountered since being a 9-to-5 "New Yorker":

* If you don't want anyone to sit next to you on the bus or train, just try to look smelly and ugly. If that doesn't work, just pretend to be sound asleep.

* I found a mousetrap under my desk today. Luckily, no mouse, but still weird.

* On average, I get more freebies. It could be the NBC/iVillage name tagged to my e-mail signature or the fact that I'm in a zipcode I'm actually proud of, but my freeloading buds should be happy.

* I am losing weight. Maybe it's the walk to and from station to office -- 5 blocks -- or the so-busy-I-forget-to-eat madness. Nevertheless, thank the lord. I can cancel my gym membership and consume carbs (when I remember to eat, that is).

OK, well, that's about it so far. I'll blog again soon. If I'm too busy to check in, just find me on MySpace ( Otherwise, my next post will probably be a picture of me in worn-out sneakers moving furniture and all sorts of nonsense. I'm getting a humble apartment closer to Manhattan. Woo hoo!