Monday, August 13, 2007

Our First Plane Ride

OK, so I adore my boyfriend ... I do. But I discovered a few unusual traits of Jason's during our Chicago weekend getaway (ummm to go to a Star Wars convention -- yes, we're both loser-fans).

1. He gets bashful. I had to go up to the female Jedi for him because he was too shy to ask her for a picture.

2. He will, once in awhile, forego his health OCD. As in, he will actually eat carbs, consider snacks with saturated fat, and have a sip of non-diet soda. While in New York, he'll only have grilled chicken breast and diet coke.

3. He likes video games. Who knew? And I thought I was the boy of this relationship. He played baseball on his cousin's Wii until wee hours of the night.

4. He is no fun on plane rides. He goes to sleep -- no fun! I like to talk and watch things on the little monitors with my plane-mates (not strangers, I mean people I'm traveling with) and make comments. But oh, he ate a bag of Doritos first (sooo weird, he'd never eat a chip back home)!

5. He's always a gentleman, no matter the circumstance. Back home, on vacay, etc. he'll always let me walk ahead, go first, watch as I walk through a crowd, pay, and get me drinks/food/whatever I need.

After all is said and done, I'd have to say, I consider myself a lucky GF -- despite the fact that he falls asleep on plane rides.

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